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Giving Back

After each event, consignors may choose to donate their unsold items to local charities! Last year alone $750,000 was given back to families in the local community and additionally $135,000 in merchandise from consignors to local charities. THANK YOU CONSIGNORS!

JBF donations will go to Sister Carmen Community Center. They are a 501c3 nonprofit organization with no religious affiliation. As a Family Resource Center, they are a comprehensive source of individual and family assistance. Their services available fall under three main programs: Nutrition & Healthy Living, Individual & Family Advocacy, and Children’s Services.Thousands of items are poured back into our community every year in many ways.

Fundraise with JBF

Need a fundraiser for your organization?... 

-JBF Arvada love partnering with local commuity organizations to raise money for your group.  For example need to raise money for your PTO/sports organization?  

GREAT!  We would love to work with you.  Contact jessicamierau@jbfsale.com.



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Raising kids on a budget can be tough and we know you want to get the most quality items for your money.  Just Between Friends allows you to shop for gently used items at a fraction of retail price AND you can turn your own closet clutter into $$$.