March 22, 2019
Dawn E
This sale is awesome! Owners are great! I get everything I need for my girls at such good prices.
March 20, 2019
Jennifer C
The people
September 12, 2018
Jackie R
Find affordable gear for my kids.
September 06, 2018
Megan R
No stress. Everything is organized and quick payment.
September 06, 2018
Ekaterina S
"great way to sell your kids stuff and buy more at affordable prices! I shop only once or twice a year, and I have all I need for both kids, not just clothes and shoes, but also toys, sporting, dance, swimming gear. I recommend to everyone. "
September 05, 2018
Joanna J
I like that it is close. drop/off pickup times worked for me
August 31, 2018
Dawn E
Great sale! Everything is so organized. I love selling my kids clothes that they no longer need.
August 31, 2018
Emily R
"Convenient, and easy. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I sold at this past sale. I wasn't expecting as much traffic with new owners and smaller location, but it worked! Great job!"
August 31, 2018
Dawn E
Great event to sell and buy kids clothes!
August 31, 2018
Michele B
Well organized
August 30, 2018
Leanna C
Lots of variety all in one building
August 29, 2018
Denise L
I love working with Jill and Jessica at this awesome event! Extremely well organized and lots of fun!
August 29, 2018
Kristina L
It’s an easy way to make a few extra bucks and doesn’t take much effort!
August 29, 2018
Amanda S
Love the new location. Well organized and well run.
August 29, 2018
Brianna G
Great sale!! Can’t wait for the next one!!
August 29, 2018
Annie N
"This was great! The new location worked well, it was a bit small but I still sold quite a few Items."
August 29, 2018
Errin W
"My favorite thing about this event was the buy 2, get 1 free book promotion. I sold a number of books this way. Overall the sale was very well organized and I am very happy being a consigner. "
August 29, 2018
Lisa J
"It's an easy way to make money off all that kid clothing, toys and books. And I love buying kid stuff cheap!"
April 19, 2018
Ellen W
It is so well organized so that a lot goes smoothly even though it's a big endeavor.
April 17, 2018
Jennifer M
"Great selection of items, great customer service."
April 12, 2018
Jennifer C
The friendliness of all the people
April 12, 2018
Carol G
Love these owners ? shout out to Jill And Jessica ! great sell .
April 12, 2018
Julie H
I like being able to sell my kids clothes and buy gently used clothes/toys/books etc at great prices. What I don't like is having to pay a $15 consigner fee AND only get 60% profit from sale. I think it should be one or the other.
April 12, 2018
Anne L
Great deals on the next season/size of clothes my kids need. With what I sell I can pretty much break even and get the next years clothes for free! Amazing!
April 12, 2018
Leslie G
Getting new clothes for my daughter at a great price and selling all of her clothes that no longer fit.
April 11, 2018
Dawn E
The new owners are great! Sold so much and found great deals on “new” items.
April 09, 2018
Samantha C
Making $$!
April 09, 2018
Anna R
It is easy to make a little cash from things that my kids have outgrown. Well organized and the location is easy to find.
April 05, 2018
Roni M
Super fun and friendly atmosphere! Great sale!!!
April 05, 2018
Rachel S
Well organized. Great way to make money and find new homes for toys and gear.
April 05, 2018
Jessica M
Very organized and friendly staff!
April 05, 2018
Larissa V
Making some money and giving up unneeded items for others to get good use of!
April 05, 2018
Patt M
"Everyone was really great, but sales were really lacking."


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Raising kids on a budget can be tough and we know you want to get the most quality items for your money.  Just Between Friends allows you to shop for gently used items at a fraction of retail price AND you can turn your own closet clutter into $$$.